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Anthony Edwards aka A-Eazy, formerly AE Da Mc Preacha is one of Cincinnati’s best CHH, Hip-Hop/Pop artists. He has a very unique and diverse sound unlike any artist in the industry today. His music is a fusion of the Hip-Hop and Pop genres. AE prides himself on having catchy, powerful and relatable lyrics. AE is a Christian and often his Christian Principals are displayed in his lyrics and approach to life. AE is a non-traditional Christian and doesn’t believe in denominations. AE is married and has 5 beautiful kids. AE puts family above everything else only second to God. AE believes his first ministry is his family. AE believes in getting his whole family involve with his music and has recorded multiple songs with his father, daughters and his son. AE is also a big gamer and loves video games. Playing video games is one of his hobbies. AE does live video game streams on twitch and you tube currently by himself and also with his son.

AE has been rapping since the age of 12. After his father Vernon Edwards heard AE and his friends free-styling in the back yard of his childhood home, his father and mother began investing in them. AE started out recording tracks on a karaoke machine and a key board from Willis Music and Radio Shack. From there AE went on to produce and engineer on the DR Grove, BR-8 track workstation and the DJX back in 2000. AE finished his first secular album at the age of 14 but did not release it to the public. Throughout AE’s childhood he grew up on Christian principals but did not attend a home church regularly. His parents taught him about God. AE also attended a Christian basketball camp for years called Athletes in Action as well as vacation bible studies at different churches. At the age of 16 at Mt Healthy High School AE had to drop out of Spanish class and was force to choose a new elective. At this time the public school was offering a bible literacy class which was not common for public school. AE decided to take the class. After taking the class AE started to attend a local church with his friends. The church was Impact Worship Center with Pastor Rodney Posey. AE found out after attending this church that Rodney was related to his step grandfather Rev. Mike Posey. While attending church AE wrestled with his faith and doing secular rap. At the age of 18, AE had his first child about 8 days after graduating from Mt Healthy High School and Diamond Oaks Vocational School. AE decided at the age of 19 to get married to his baby’s mother. After reaching the age of 20 AE decided to release his first secular project titled “Rainz of Life.” This was a full length secular album that AE produced, engineered, recorded, written and performed. AE got some good reviews from his peers. But AE still questioned rather this was the right path for him. After wrestling with his faith for years AE answered the call and got saved for the second time in 2007. During this period AE was having problems in his first marriage. Shortly after becoming saved another decision was reached to get a divorce from his ex-wife in 2007. AE continued on his journey with God. During the separation while awaiting the court date for the divorce, AE’s sister introduced him to her friend Deja. They began to date and became boyfriend/girlfriend when the divorce from his ex-wife was final in December of 2007. Anthony and Deja ended up getting married in July 2010 and are still married today.   

AE is not only an artist but he is also a producer, engineer and graphic designer. AE produces beats and instrumentals with his signature atmosphere/ambience sound. AE is capable of producing not only Rap but also Pop, Rock, Hip-Hop, Trap, EDM, Country, Gospel, and R&B. AE has been producing beats and instrumentals since the age of 13 years old when his parents bought him his first keyboard. AE has worked with many different programs and equipment in the past for producing. This includes The DR Grove drum machine, MP7 sequencer, MK-6, DJX, FL Studio, Reason, Maschine 2, Komplete, and more.

Now AE performs all around the country and has fans all around the world. AE has been through many things in his life and all of it can be heard in his music. AE believes in being transparent in his lyrics about his life and the trials he has experienced. He believes there is great power in a person’s testimony and he displays that in every song on his projects. 

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